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Aloha Fern Eagles,

This is Mrs. Chang from Fern Elementary School. I really miss seeing all of you and your smile on campus. I hope you and your family are doing well. All of you are doing a fantastic job at staying home and staying safe. Please continue to practice social distancing. Please wash your hands really well especially before you eat. When you have to go out with your family members, please make sure wear a mask!

Now you should have received the Choose Love Activity Package 2, I hope everybody is working on it : )

For the month of May, I would like you to try the following:

Mindful Monday

Together Tuesday

Choose Love Wednesday

Thankful Thursday

and . . . Aloha Friday!

For example, on Mindful Monday, I would like you to do a mindful activity such is like a breathing exercise. You have learned some breathing exercises at school, for example, Rainbow breath, brave breath, gratitude breath, etc.

I made up my own breathing exercise. I call it the Volcano Breath. I will use this breathing exercise when I feel like a Volcano and I am mad and about to burst out anger. . .This is a great way to calm myself down. Letʻs try it. First, I gather all the strong emotion, such is like mad feeling and anger, inside your palms. It is just like magma in a hot spot. Take a deep breath by counting to 4. The magma goes all the way up the mountain top, and you let go. You breath out, slowly and let go of all the strong feelings by counting 4. Just like the lava floating out of the Volcano. How do you like it?

Can you make up your own breathing exercise?

Please let me know when you make up one : ) We can try it together sometime, deal?

Tuesday, I would like you to do something together with your family. For example, you can play the board game in the packet. You can make a dice too. You will play this game like a snake and ladder.

Wednesday is Choose Love Wednesday. You are expert in this. Please do a Choose Love activity on Wednesday.

Thursday is Thankful Thursday. Let's be thankful. Are you keeping up with your gratitude diary?

Friday is Aloha Friday, please continue to spread ALOHA. Remember? Aloha Challenge and Go Ahead Challenge are the great ways to spread Aloha. Lets' see if you can win those challenges.

Did you get to make an origami heart ? You can color it, decorate it, or you can use different paper to make pretty hearts. I am making one for you. You will be getting one from me when you receive your report card on May 28. There is a little surprise inside. Please look forward to receiving a heart from me : )

Well, please send a picture of your favorite activity to Mrs. Chang. E-mail address is or text me to 1(888)-826-5423. This toll free number is available during the school closure.

Please know it is okay to call Mrs. Chang. I encourage you to call me especially when you or your family are feeling a lot of stress during this difficult time. You can also request on-line counseling with me. Feel free to reach me out. Please take care and stay safe.

I love you and sending you a lot of Aloha!

Aloha from Mrs. Chang 05-12-20

How to Make an Origami Heart by Mrs. Chang

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Letter#1 from Mrs Chang, Counselor

Letter #1 from Mrs Chang

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