Technology Directions

Laptops belong to Fern Elementary School, NOT YOU!


DOE can see the sites you access


>Eat or drink near device or when using the laptop

>Grab & carry by screen

>Deface the device (mark, add stickers, etc.)

>Go to non-school sites

>Change anything in your Google account (images, background, etc.) CHANGE IT BACK NOW.


>Hands should be clean & dry

>Keep the cover, keyboard & screen clean

>Close & carry with 2 hands & "thumbs"

>Sit when using the laptop

>Complete all assignments

>Use for school work ONLY

Damage Costs:

Can range from $25-$250 depending on severity of damage

>Missing/Broken Key $25+

>Broken Screen $50+

>Water Damage $75+

>Broken Camera $75+

>Lost Charger $47

>Replacement Keyboard $68

>Lost/Broken laptop $250+

Need tech help translations?

Check out Waipahu High Schoolʻs website! THANK YOU WAIPAHU STUDENTS!!!

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