Video Production

ʻŌlelo Award Winning Videos


Prepare NOW.mp4

2020 Winner

The 4 Rʻs By:Rhea.mp4

2020 Winner

Dripping Pennies.mp4

2020 Winner

Social Distancing.mp4

Independent Project by Miki

Be Heard.mp4

2020 Finalist

Mario Drives.mp4

2020 Finalist

Our Differences.mp4

2020 Finalist

Save water.mp4

2020 Finalist

Think before you speak.mp4

2020 Finalist

Water Heroes Save the Day!.mp4

2020 Finalist



1st Place-Best Traffic Safety: "Family Safety"

By EH & RH 2017-18

1st Place-Best Animation Elementary Division: "Hop Your Way to a Crosswalk"

By AP, EC, AW 2017-18

1st Place-Best Forest Health Hawaiʻi: "ʻMālama ʻOhiʻa"

By EH, GS, WS, AP 2017-18