Health & Safety

How to Wash Your Hands for Kids WHO Technique - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety Tips for Kids.mp4

How to Wash Your Hands Properly

How to wear a fabric mask safely.mp4

How to Wear a Mask Properly

Coronavirus How to Teach Kids About COVID-19 BrainPOP.mp4

How to Teach About Coronavirus

COVID-19 PSA How to Stop the Spread BrainPOP.mp4

How to Stop the Spread

What is the coronavirus Prevention and Advice for Kids - COVID-19.mp4

What is Coronavirus

Safety Measures For CORONAVIRUS Coronavirus Outbreak Pandemic Dr Binocs Show Peekaboo Kidz.mp4


Stop Germs from Spreading Wash Your Hands Cincinnati Childrens.mp4

Stop the Germs

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Breakfast/Lunch/Recess Procedures 20-21
Kindergarten Transition
How We Will Battle COVID-19
Daily Wellness Check 102920.pdf

Daily Wellness Check

Symptoms of Illness and Return to School 111320 (1).pdf

Symptoms of Illness & Return to School Criteria

COVID19-symptoms-Chuukese (1).pdf

Covid-19 Symptoms (Chuukese)


Covid-19 Symptoms (Tagalog)

Distinguishing the Difference COVID-19.pdf

Distinguishing the Difference Between Covid, Allergies, or the Flu


Covid-19 Poster (English)

HK Hotline Flyer for Parents and Students 102020.pdf

School Nurse Hotline