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Fred Yoshinaga



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Marelee Sales




Marelee Sales


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Old Business

Meeting called to order at 2:35

-2017-2020 AcPlan-

Indept guidelines (handout) provide staff with training to ensure student success. 3year acplan(changed from 1year). Entire school is working towards achieving the 60% increase for test taking in 3 years.

Suggestions for programs to decrease absenteeism with students, programs to retain teachers and a successful support system. Deadline to finish this plan is May 2017

-Linapuni Transition Plans- Transition from Linapuni to Fern 2nd grade. Linapuni teachers will observe our Fern teachers to strengthen and collaborate so that the 1st grade will be stronger and the transitions will be easier.

Mr. Yoshinaga


New Business

2017-2018 FinPlan

Staffing- Everybody is scheduled to come back. Staffing number is the same.

Parking lot in back of Cafeteria needs re-pavement for safety reasons.

Not enough supervision (teachers) reporting for recess and lunch.

Trespassing into campus is still an issue. Administration is aware of campus perimeter. More control over area than before.

renovations - Solar Panels and B building bathrooms to begin in February 2017

Recess as one time again when the playground relieves congestion.


3:03- 3:16

Attending: Ms.Joyce, Ms. Sanekane, Mrs. Toyama, Mrs. Sales, Mr. Yoshinaga, Mr.Gauta, Mr. Villamil  and Student Rep- Dejah Garcia

Meeting Adjorned 3:16